Photo Blog: Fish drying out in the sun

photo of fish being left out to try in Kalpitiya

Fish being dried in Kalpitiya   When I hired a tuk tuk to drive around Sri Lanka for a month with some friends we went to Kalpitiya. Whilst we were trying to find a place to stay we clearly went the wrong way and ended up in a small fishing village. The population must have been under
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How to get an International Drivers Permit for Sri Lanka

The entrance to the Department of Motor Traffic

Getting an International Drivers License in Colombo. Its a pretty straight forward process getting an international drivers license for Sri Lanka. It will cost you 1000 Sri Lankan Rupees. Learn about renting tuk tuk in Sri Lanka here.  In all it took me no more that 30 minutes to get the permit once I’d found
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Photo Blog: Nilaveli Beach, Sri Lanka

Nilaveli Beach photo in Sri lanka. I was there during one of there quietest high seasons ever apparently. There was only about 5 of us on the entire beach.

    Getting there in the high season.   I stopped in Nilaveli for about a week when I’d hired a tuk tuk to drive around Sri Lanka. What amazed me the most about Nilaveli wasn’t the picture perfect beach but how empty it was. According to the staff at our hotel it was the
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