Celebrating Vesak in Sri Lanka

A photo taken whilst I was trying to cross the road during Vesak.

Vesak Also known as Buddha’s Birthday, Buddha Purnima and Buddha Day, is originally a Buddhist holiday celebrated as a religious and cultural festival once a year. It has now become a sort of Christmas type affair where seemingly everyone gets involved. The date of Vesak in Sri Lanka depends upon the Asian lunisolar calendar and is
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Climbing Adams Peak in Sri Lanka

Night time photo taken of Adams peak.

Climbing Adams Peak to watch the sunrise. Adams peak, also known as Sri Pada is Sri Lanka’s fourth highest peak but easily its most famous. Located in the centre of the country and surrounded by endless acres of tea plantations sits the 2,243m (7,359 ft) tall mountain with an incredible deep religious significance. What makes
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Why I didn’t like Kandy

A stunning sun set over the Bogambara lake in Myanmar

Bad experiences in Kandy. Kandy is Sri Lanka’ second largest city after the capital Colmbo. It’s located in the Central Provinces and is surround by the stunning hills of the Kandy Plateau also known as the Kandy Uplands. The area is famous for its tropical plantations which mainly export tea. The city centre is clean
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