11 Best Things To Do On A Layover In Singapore Airport


What to do during a layover at Singapore Airport

Usually the cheapest flights you find on sites like Skyscanner will come with a pretty hefty layover.  This can be a real turn off, especially if you are doing upwards of 12 hours in a airport like Mumbai.  It can be very tempting to just pay the extra 50-100 dollars and have that time cut in half. That is unless your going to the Mecca of airport layovers. Changi – Singapore. If you get stuck with a really long layover like I did from Scoot and don’t want to spend money on accommodation you can just sleep in the airport until your allowed to check in – 9 hours before departure.

1.) Free Singapore City Tours.

Heritage Tour

Singapore airport offers two different free tours of the City.  I personally only managed to go on the Heritage Tour.  Its definitely worth doing if you have time and haven’t seen Singapore before.   Our tour only ran for about an hour as we had to wait ages for a family to clear immigration. Complete your immigration cards in advance! Once on the bus our guide spent the first 10 minutes telling the late family off, she was actually pretty funny.  You’ll get given all the facts  and figures about Singapore living before arriving at the Merlion Park. I recommend sitting on the left of the bus for the best views of the landmarks. We only were allowed to get off for 15 minutes to take some photos before we get ushered back on.  If you have more than 4 hours I’d recommend getting the train into the city and just explore on your own.  Singapore its self is tiny and extremely manageable on foot.

Tour Timings:

9:00 am to 11:00 am
11:30 am to 1:30 pm
2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

City Lights Tour

Singapore is an incredible sceptical in the evening. The city skyline is amazing to behold when lit up in the dark of night. I have never been on the City Lights Tour but have been in the city during the evening. If you have to pick between the two tour options I’d probably say go for this one.

Tour Timings:

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

More information can be found here


Merlion Park

2.) Take advantage of the free places to sleep. 

There are a number of relaxation areas throughout the airport that are a great place to get some sleep. They are extremely comfortable reclined chairs that are as good as beds. A few of them will even have free pillows and blankets to combat the chill of the air con. The airport does have private sleeping facilities but they are rented out at $30 for 2 hours. Not exactly made for a budget backpacker. This one that I had a nap at was located in Terminal 2 between gate E5 E12

Sleeping in singapore airport

3.) Go to the movies or watch television.

The airport has many Xperience areas across the 3 Terminals.  These range from huge screens showing the latest sports games to smaller seating areas showing various other TV channels.  Terminal 2 has a cinema room where they show HBO all day. If you are travelling with children and are looking for a way to entertain them just look for one of the interactive areas. These usually involve them having there photo taken and being put onto a giant screens that they can then play around with.

Watching sport at singapore airport

4.) Visit the butterfly farm.

Singapore airport really does have everything to make a layover a painless experience. One of my personal favourite things to do at Singapore is go visit the butterfly farm. Its completely free and will easily pass an hour. It’ll give you a chance to add some easily obtainable shots to your photography portfolio.

Butterfly farm Singapore Airport

5.) Relax by the koi ponds.

There are a few Koi ponds throughout the airport but the best is the one located next to the Butter fly farm in Terminal 3.  They have managed to create a very tranquil space perfect for reading. Plug sockets are located at every seating area and there is a bar adjacent.

koi ponds at chengi airport singapore

6.) Surf the internet.

All  over the airport you will find free computers to get surf the web on.  Across the entire airport there is free wifi available. There are paid options but you can learn How to get free WiFi at Singapore Airport here.

Free internet at Singapore

7.) Go for a swim.

Changi Airport roof top swimming pool is situated in Terminal one.  If your staying at the Ambassador Transit Hotel you are allowed free user of the pool. However if your not staying at the Ambassador you can pay $13.91 SGD which will get you access to the pool and jacuzzi. For your $13.91 you will also be given a towel and a complimentary non alcoholic drink at the bar.

Swimming pool at singapore airport.

8.) Take a shower, go to a spa or hit the gym.

Each terminal has its own gym, spa and shower facilities but they are located in the members lounges. They provide the following services across 3 Lounges;

Massage therapy

Nail Care

Foot reflexology

Shower facilities

Charges apply for the various services and facilities. All three lounges are 24 hours and located in the following places;

Terminal 1 The Rainforest Lounge at Departure Transit Lounge – Level 3

Visit: http://www.affinity.sats.com.sg/services-a-facilities/rainforest-lounge.html

Terminal 2 Ambassador Transit Lounge at Departure Transit Lounge -Level 3.

Visit: www.harilelahospitality.com

Terminal 3 Ambassador Transit Lounge at Departure Transit Lounge – Level 3.

Visit: www.harilelahospitality.com

9.) Visit the sunflower garden.

The sunflower garden is located in Terminal 3 in the departure lounge. Its quite a spectacular space with over 500 bright yellow flowers surrounding you and giant aeroplanes taking off ever 3 minutes in the background. The only down side is people are allowed to smoke in a space that attracts a lot of children.

sunflower garden singapore

10. Eat all the free sweets.

Every desk in the airport from immigration to information will have a blow of free flavoured fox mints. They are super addictive as you can see that’s what I went through on my visit.


free sweets t singapore airport

11.) Go down Singapore’s largest slide.

Singapore has 2 slides based in Terminal 3 on the arrives and departures side. The smaller of the two is free and the large one costs. For every $10SGD you spend at the airport will get you one ride on the slide. You have to make sure you keep all of your receipts as these act as your tickets. You can redeem your rides at the information counter in Terminal 3 on level one.  You can get a maximum of 10 rides per receipt.  The slides at Singapore airport are open from 12:00pm – 10:30pm .

Slide at Singapore Airport

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