About me

My name is Richard. I am a solo backpacker from Britain.

I was raised in a small town in the middle of England named Kenilworth. Growing up I never pictured myself to be a traveller. In fact, when asked I would always say fireman. However, as you can see this didn’t.. or hasn’t yet happened. To get to where I am today I’ve relied upon  a few lucky flips of a coin and some awful decisions chucked in there for good measure.  I somehow ended up studying Architecture at Brighton University. – This to date has been the most life changing flip of a coin decision I’ve ever made.

It was at university that I meet some true life long friends and is where I believe I subconsciously got ‘The Travel Bug’.  It was during my first summer and we planned to go to EXIT festival in Serbia. As students we were all spending borrowed money so doing it on a budget was vital. We managed to find a cheap flight from London to Prague, but the only reasonably priced flight home was from Istanbul. This became my first real backpacking trip and it was a budget one at that. - this is when I subconsciously got ‘The Budget Travel Bug’.   From this point on I was totally hooked. At the time it had never occurred to me that travel could become something you do for months on end I just knew I wanted to get away

Once I’d completed my degree I spent the summer working and saving every thing I had. I booked myself a flight to Mumbai, India and just hoped for the best. I didn’t have to much of a time frame in mind for this trip. Just about £4000 ($6500 USD).  This first trip I was away for around 9 months and I was lucky enough to get my Open Water PADI diving certificate in the Andaman’s, worked in the ‘Worlds most dangerous place’ Vang Vieng , motor biked through Vietnam and much more.

Why do you Travel?

Throughout my life the single most common bit of advice I’ve heard is “travel whilst you’re young”.  I’m fully aware that this life style is potentially a career gamble. But youth is something you can not get back. The way I look at it is, if I get a full time job at 30 I’ll spend over half of my life working. That’s assuming the retirement age stays at 65. I want to know that when I’m old that I gave this whole living thing my absolute best shot. And I hope one day when I’m giving the ‘do it whilst your young’ speech I wont have that look of regret on my face, instead I’ll have a whole bunch of stories to inspire. 

Why Start a Travel blog now?

In all honesty I wish I’d done this from my first Europe trip. It becomes increasingly difficult to place certain events in time when you see and do so much.  I have kept journals in the past but I found they are pretty easy to neglect.  Collecting all your stories in a A3 note pad is a wonderful thing to do.  I find that journals do become quite personal which makes it tricky to share with your friends and families. But the biggest fear is losing one. There’s no back up copy of a journal and once its gone so have all the finer details of your travels.  I’m hoping that the added pressure of this all being published online will encourage me to keep it up to date.

Why share it with the world?

To hopefully inspire people to travel more.  I am a firm believer that it can be extremely beneficial to your personal and even professional life.  I think it is something everybody should do even if its only for a couple of weeks a year. I love to encourage people to go and visit places, in my opinion word of mouth recommendations are by far the best.  I also want show people how cheap and easy travel really can be.  Over the past few years so many people have said to me  “I wish I could do what you do”. To which I always reply “you can!“ The world isn’t as scary or expensive as most people think and I’m here to show you.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the blog.