How To Eat For Cheap At Singapore Airport

cheap food at singapore airport

Cheap Food At Singapore Airport

Singapore Airport has a huge range of food available, there is everything from your favourite fast foods to local dishes. Like any airport getting food is often a very costly task. This is unless you know a great little secret of the Singapore Airport. The Staff Canteen.

The staff canteen is located on the ground floor of T2 on the public side. You will need to take the escalators down to the lowest level. From there you will want to find Burger King – which you will need to resist if you want to eat cheap food at Singapore Airport!

You will see a set of glass doors to the right at the back of Burger King. Head out of them and go left.

Cheapest way to eat at Singapore Airport


From there you will see this sign.


Staff canteen singapore

Head down the stairs and viola your there!

cheapest food at singapore airport
Here is the food I got. It was a pork disk with Rice and some cabbage. Tasted great and only Cost $3 SGP I also grabbed a coffee for $0.90SGP They do have a staff price and a public price but I wasn’t asked and charged staff prices at two different counters.

Cheap Food at Chengi Singapore Airport

Another tip – This is located on the public side of the Terminal so you will need to check out. If they aren’t happy to let you out, just go and sign up for the Free Tour of Singapore and you will be allowed roam free once more.




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