First Day In Yangon

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Getting to grips with Yangon.

The Taxi driver I had from the airport was incredibly helpful in pointing out the cheap accommodation. Read more about getting form the Yangon Airport to the City Here. His recommendation was Cheery Guest house at $10USD a night for the dorm. But being a stubborn backpacker I felt I could do better so I set off in search of a cheaper place to sleep. I quickly found out that Yangon is very expensive for accommodation. The cheapest single rooms are about $15 with a fan. I continued to walk around for about an hour and a half before the blistering heat beat me. I ended up at Okinawa Guest House 2. The embarrassing part is that dorm is $10USD a night.

It is easily one of the nicest dorms I’ve stayed in. The beds are very high quality mattresses on the floor with a mosquito net hanging over them and you have plenty of space.  Its an extremely clean guest house, the only down side is that there are a lot of mosquito’s.

What you get for your $10USD a night;

  • Breakfast – Noodles, a samosa, watermelon, green tea and a coffee.
  • Fresh towel
  • Toilet paper in the bathrooms
  • Shampoo and soap in the bathrooms

Once I’d checked in I decided to resist the urge to sleep, grabbed a cold shower and headed out to get lost in the city. Yangon is a pretty exciting place. A lot of the ‘famous’ landmarks seem to be under-going some form of renovation as there all wrapped in very questionable bamboo scaffolding. Another funny quirk of Yangon is the street naming system. The majority of streets run in number order, 23rd street, 24th street, 25th street etc. However, every so often they will have given a street a name. This street wont count towards the numbering system. For example you’ll have 15th street, 16th street then Lanmadaw Street followed by 17th street. It can be very confusing to as many of the street signs are missing. 

Bamboo scaffolding

After a couple of hours of walking around I finally had to have a nap. I grabbed myself 4 small samosas from street stall for 200 Kyat and headed back to bed.

I woke up around 4:00pm mid power cut, not sure how long the power had been out but the room was incredibly hot. I searched around for my little torch and went to grab another cold shower.  Feeling refreshed I decided I’d head up to Shwedagon Paya. I figured I’d walk as I’d get to seem more of the city and it’d be free. It’s very easy to get to, all you have to do is follow the road north from Sule Paya for a few kilometres then take a left. It only took me about 30-40 minutes and this was accounting for getting a savoury Dosa type thing picture for 200 Kyat and taking lots of photos on the way. Read more about Shwedagon Paya here.




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