How To Get Free WiFi At Singapore Airport


Singapore airport offers free Wi-Fi throughout all three terminals. However there are a number of Wi-Fi signals your devices will pick up that are not. These are the ones that’ll prompt you to sign up and pay per hour for their internet.

Thankfully it’s pretty easy to get online for free at Singapore Airport.

Step one:

First you will need to find an information desk. This wont be to hard as they are located all over the airport. Each desk will have 2 – 3 staff members working there who all speak perfect English as well as many other languages.

Once you’ve found one you need to ask for a code for the Free Singapore Airport Wi-Fi.

They will need to take your passport to create you an account. This only takes a minute to do and you get your passport straight back.

Step Two

Use your usual methods to search for Wi-Fi signals. The one you want is named

[email protected]

Free wifi at singapore airport

Step Three

Click and connect to their Wi-Fi. If you are on a windows machine it may ask you what the network type is. You want to say it’s a Public network. This will help keep you safe.

Once your connected open your browser e.g. Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari etc

network type

Step Four

You will be direct to a screen that looks like this;

Here all you will need to do is enter the details they gave you at the information Kiosk

Singapore  wifi

Step Five

Click Get Connected and enjoy the free internet.

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