Getting Back To Backpacking


I landed in Australia on a one year working holiday visa on the 26/03/2013. At the time of writing this I have 2 days to go until I fly out. As per usual I’ve left everything till the last minute.  I’d  been renting a flat with friends the past 6 months and seem to have just been hoarding this entire time. I didn’t realise the true amount until I attempted to pack it in to a 70l backpack.

I’ve manage to sort everything out in to 3 sections.

- Getting sent home

- Getting donated to Charity

- Coming with me

What I decided to take with me travelling;

2 pairs of trousers
3 Button shirts
6 T-Shirts/vests
1 Jumper
1 Coat
8 pairs of boxers
3 pairs of shorts.
Small amount of fancy dress. (Just encase)
Basic toiletries – Tooth brush, tooth paste, nail clippers, tweezers, dental floss with needle, deodorant, soap
Small first add kit – band aids/plasters, painkillers. I will also buy some antibiotics once I get to Pharmacy that doesn’t require prescriptions. Most probably Bangkok.
A4 and a A5 note pad with a few pens and pencils

What I have in my backapck

The electronics/gear I’m taking with me I have covered in another post.

Getting a Cheap Flight.

I managed to find myself a cheap flight with Scoot. I checked daily for about 7 – 10 days before I found one I was happy with. In the end it cost me $250 inc baggage to get from Sydney to Bangkok. They where having a special “Winter Olympics  sale” on at the time and the deal only lasted until the tickets sold out. There is a few tips and tricks that I will share on how to get cheap flights once I get around to it.  This flight does have a massive 23 and a half hour lay over in Singapore which isn’t to much of a stress, its one of the best airports going. Check out what you can do during your layover in Changi Singapore. My main worry is that I have to fly with Scoot. You definitely need to learn how to prepare yourself before you fly with Scoot.

Getting insured.

Although I had ‘preplanned my packing’ I still managed to leave almost everything else to the last minute. Including my insurance. I decided to settle for World Nomads. It wasn’t the cheapest but they were the first to get back to me about being insured even though I was already outside the UK . This is very important to check. Most insurers will void your cover if you have already left the UK. I also added on the level 2 Adventure sports, work, study & volunteer to because I’m planning to do some trekking in Nepal.


The only Visa I need to pre apply for before I set off is one for Myanmar (Burma). You can read about how to get a Burma Visa in Australia here.

Sorting out Money

Getting currencies sorted out is always such a pain. There are so many pros and cons with having it all prepared.

Main Pro: you save money on exchange rates and ATM fees.

Main Con: You get robbed and lose the lot

The only place that looks like I’ll have currency issues is Burma. The first ATM got introduced in 2012 and they have been gaining slowly. You can take US dollars there but its extremely difficult to exchange them unless they are in immaculate condition. I found the Burmese Kyat impossible to get hold of in Australia. What I am planning to do is just withdraw the maximum amount I can at the ATM in Yangon Airport.  All the other countries I’ll be visiting will have ATMs all over the place so theres nothing to worry about there.  As a safety measure I carry $100USD  in my own home made travel belt that are super easy to make. Click here to learn how.

All I’ve got left to do is throw caution to the wind and get on with it!


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