Getting from Yangon International Airport to the City.


Getting Myself to Yangon Airport.

I had arranged to get a minivan  from Khao San Road to Suvarnabhumi Airport at  4:00am for 130THB. Ordinarily I’d have taken a local bus to the sky train and got there for half the price but these services don’t run through the night. As I have no means of setting an alarm I decided to just stay awake till 4:00am. Very easily done on Khao San Road.  I felt surprisingly fresh/drunk on the way to the airport considering the lack of sleep. Once I had got to my seat on the flight I was almost instantly asleep.  I didn’t even manage to see the pre-flight safety demonstration. I woke up just as we landed in Yangon. It was already shaping up to be a swelteringly hot day.

I left the plane in a very dazed state and prepared myself for the usual drawn out immigration process. This looked like it was going to take forever due to the huge volume of people. However, in the far corner I spotted a sign that read ‘foreigners’. I was able to just walk straight through, and if that wasn’t good enough my bag was already waiting for me on the carousel.

Getting Money out at Yangon Airport.

The days of taking USD to Myanmar are very much coming to an end. At the airport you will see several ATMs that accept both MasterCard and Visa along with a whole host of other card types. The withdrawal charges are different on every machine.  Ranging from 2000 -5000 Kyats.


How to get a Taxi from Yangon Airport to the city.

Yangon International airport has a taxi rank once you pass the ‘nothing to declare’ part of entering the country. You really can’t miss it. They have a set price of 7000Kyats/$7USD for a drop off in the city or $8000 per hour. I waited around to see if I could split this cost with anyone but the only other western I saw was a business man who had a pre-arranged pick up to some fancy hotel. There didn’t seem to be any flights landing within the next half hour so I decided to stomach the $7USD and get the taxi in to town.  The journey took just over an hour and the taxi driver was great. He spoke perfect English was extremely helpful. He recommended me a bunch of cheap accommodation options…well cheap for Yangon and gave me small nuggets of information along the way.  You will notice a lot of funny things about Yangon as soon as you leave the airport. Such as there are no motor bikes on the roads, it makes everything seem a lot quieter throughout the city in my opinion.  There are many rumors to as why motorbikes are banned in Yangon, most of which seem to revolve around an army general getting hit/abused by a motorcyclist resulting in an over night ban on motorbikes. Another odd thing you’ll notice is that although they drive on the right but many of the buses will open on the left into the road. This is because it was a former British colony. The decision to change the side you drive on was made in 1970 by Ne Win. This was allegedly because his astrologer advised him to “move right”.

Cheapest way to get from the Airport to the city.

A cheaper option that I would have taken if I’d have know about it is to walk or get a taxi to Wai Bar Gi Station and then take the train to Yangon Central Railway. From the station it will only cost you 200kyat ($0.20USD) to the city centre.

Yangon Internation Airport to Wai Bar Gi Station


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