How To Make Your Own Secret Travel Money Belt

How To Keep Your Money Safe When Travelling

How To Keep Your Money Safe While Travelling.


Keeping your money safe when travelling is always a concern. There is always that thought at the back of your mind what if lost everything? To help ease this worry I decided to make my own Secret Travel Belt. I can’t actually claim this as my own invention as these are sold on Amazon Here. For $20 USD. Even though they are pretty cheap to buy I figured it would be a pretty cool project especially if I could make one for less.

I was in Australia at the time of making this so the shop references will be Australian. But everything you need is pretty easy to get hold of anywhere.

How To mae your own secret travel belt

First I went to Target and bought a plain black ‘skater’ belt for $9AUS. You’ll have to make sure that you get one that you can push a needle through. My one was pretty tuff and my fingers were killing by the end of it. I already had a needle and thread back at the flat but these can be picked up for a couple of dollars. You should also take them travelling with you!

I then went to a Lincraft. This is just your standard Haberdashery/craft shop. There I bought a discrete ladies black dress zip. Make sure you take your belt with you to ensure the zip is the correct size. You don’t want the zip to be larger than the belt as it will just look tacky. This zip cost me $2 and was 55cm long.

What you need to make your own secret money belt


Finally once I got home I made a cup of tea and began to sew like a little old lady. It took me all of about 40 minutes to complete. This is including time to sort out the injury I got.  Its pretty self explanatory how to achieve the final product If you have never sewn before don’t be put if its super easy to learn and an extremely useful skill to have. See This Video below if you need to learn to sew.

All in all it cost me around $11AUD to make this belt and I learnt how to sew a bit better. I have $100USD in $20 denominations folded long ways in there. You could very easily pack about $1000 USD . I think $100 is more than enough to get you out of a sticky situation and keep your money safe.



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