How To Prepare Yourself For A Flight With Scoot

scoot airlines

Scoot Airlines do budget in a big way. There fares are cheap but never has the phrase ‘You Get What You Pay For’ been so true.  They don’t have a particularly large destinations list. But they were at the time  by far the cheapest way back in to Asia from Sydney for me. As I’ve mentioned here. I got my self a $250AUD from Sydney to Bangkok with a 23 and a half layover in Singapore.

What’s is Scoots on-board entertainment?

The planes interior will give you a little chuckle as they appear to have been there since the dawn of flight. You’ll get over that pretty quickly once the realisation hits you that this old flying machine is going to be taking you thousands of meters in the air. When you’ve settled down in to the comfort of your own seat they will bring around the iPads for rent. They loaded with TV shows, films and games for $20AUD. I personally didn’t get one as I think its a bit of a rip off. However a lad I made friends with towards the end of the flight did. The reason we started chatting was because they take the iPads back well over an hour before they land.
Overall I can appreciate the entrepreneurship behind this but I do think its a bit of a con.

My advice is make sure you have everything fully charged before you board the plane.

Food and Drinks on board

As you can imagine the food and drink isn’t free. You can pre pay during your booking or on the flight with a number of currencies but change will be given in your destinations currency.  If you don’t pre book your meals you can also pay via card on the flight with a minimum charge of $3 but  they only accept credit cards on-board.  If you don’t fancy the aeroplane food there was a great deal of people who had brought there own on from the usual array of fast food chains.

They do offer free water on-board but you need to bring your own cup/bottle. I was told they couldn’t give me one as its not allowed… I had no money and no credit card – dehydrated rookie mistake.

Layovers with Scoot

Scoot offer a service they call Scoot Thru. They describe it as “Scoot-Thru eliminates all the usual worries around connecting between flights.” unless your layover is more than 9 hours… I’m sure there is some small print somewhere but I must have missed it. I arrived at 8:36pm in Singapore’s Changi Airport and was hoping to just check straight back in and go sleep in the Free Rest Areas. But no I was told that I can only check back in at 9am the following morning.  I attempted to get in touch with some of the budget hostels in Singapore but the only ones left with availability were well on there way to $30 a night. The Starbucks at Changi has plug sockets on the public side of the airport. So in true stubborn budget backpacker style I bought a bottle of water for $2 and stayed there the majority of the night.


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