Trekking From Kalaw to Inle Lake Day 2


Second day of trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake.

The following morning I was expecting to be in a lot more pain from the rum. Although we didn’t drink much, from my past encounters with cheap spirits the inevitable pain would come. I was totally wrong. The Myanmar rum and whisky seem to give you no hang over what so ever. (Unless you start to mix them together)

Breakfast consisted of a pile of white toasted bread, a fried egg, lots of fruit and a 3 in 1 coffee.

Breakfast in Set Kyar Gon Village.


The day was instantly more enjoyable than the end of the previous. No more train tracks and we were up in the hills with incredible views. The days walk was to be about 21km and we were aiming for Gone Hla Village for lunch. It was a long morning with some great vistas to take in and a whole bunch of villages that housed the local tea and rice farmers. By the time we’d reached Gone Hla Village for lunch we were all exhausted. For lunch we had noodle soup, salads and fruit. As soon as we’d finished it everyone was asleep.

A view from the trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake.


Feeling well rested we got back to it. Our next destination was Puttu Poke Village where we’d stop for the night.  Having rested for a little longer than planned I think Mo was worried about us being on time. The pace was a little increased. It wasn’t demanding by any stretch of the mind but it was a shame we didn’t get to enjoy things a little more.

Along the way we saw some young lads bathing their buffalo’s.

buffalo bath


We arrived in Puttu Poke Village at around 3:30pm with a good few hours of sunlight left so we definitely could have taken more time.   Puttu Poke was undergoing a lot of construction to make way for a resort complex. From Puttu Poke onwards it was very apparent they were building up the trekking route for tourism.  We met 4 other groups in this village despite being told we were taking a secluded route. The place we were staying was purpose built for travelers to stay in and not the home stays we were promised by Uncle Sam.  I felt pretty cheated at this point but luckily the people we met there were great fun. Everyone in the village has to be in bed by 10:00pm so it was a relatively short night but I’m sure our bodies thanked us for it the following day.

Although it doesn’t look like much this is the start of the resorts they are building to cater for the tourists. 

the beginning of resorts


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